Pain Patients and Pot Users Are Stockpiling Copaiba Oil- Here’s Why

I never considered myself to be sick or weak; In fact, I grew up viewing myself as an exceptionally healthy person. As time passed I became known for being accident-prone and clumsy. When I got out of the Air Force at 21, I was having significant shoulder and ankle problems and it was becoming clear that something else was at play. Marijuana users scroll down for a tip!

I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome at 23 and was in terrible nonspecific pain. My joints seemed to be coming apart and I was having seemingly one unrelated emergency after another. Along with this came terrible news: there is no cure or treatment. I was devastated that my constant issues were only to get worse at an increasing rate.


At 25 my pain was truly crippling and my health had eroded significantly. By the time I turned 27, I weighed a pitiful 93lbs and wasn’t expected to live through the pain of winter. I couldn’t eat and would go for days unable to sleep due to the pain. I hovered around renal failure for several months when a box arrived at my door. Medical marijuana seemed to be the only thing that could take the edge off my pain enough for me to eat and sometimes sleep. Aside from cannabis, I couldn’t imagine any other kind of CBD making such a difference.

Containing my first doTERRA kit, I carried the box to the couch and sunk in, tearing the tape from the sides. My journey with doTERRA started as I lifted the lid of the box, and almost immediately I was drawn to the one oil I had heard about: Copaiba.

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“I heard Copaiba oil was selling so fast they had to restrict one bottle per person.”

I had been eager to try Copaiba for one simple reason: I had read enough about the CBD qualities of the oil to wonder if it could reduce tolerance for marijuana and bring more relief as a result. Between regular seizures, stomach pain, nerve pain, joint pain and fibromyalgia, I was ready to try any non-opiate pain solution I could. I took two drops in the morning and two at night, and also added it to the cannabis herb and extract I used. This is what I found:


My Joint Pain Faded- Drastically!

My illness is often referred to as ‘the contortionist’s disease’, as my connective tissue contains faulty collagen. I can twist and stretch into most shapes, however the arthritis and inflammation wasn’t wearing me out and restricting me nearly as much. Though I used to be extremely active in various triathlons, the best I can do these days is go for a long walk. I noticed within a couple days of using Copaiba that my knees, back, shoulders and ankles weren’t nearly as inflamed and painful as they had been.

Major Nerve Pain Improvement

I have nerve damage in my left shoulder and over the years have tried to grow used to the odd sensation of feeling as if my collarbone is being sawed through. Though most of the upper left quadrant of my body had limited to no sensation, I have begun to notice the sawing pain and the feeling of shooting electricity has almost entirely stopped. (after eight months of daily use)

Fibromyalgia Stopped Controlling My Life

The overall exhausting, inescapable ache in my nerves and my bones made me someone even I couldn’t stand to be around. Sometimes I wondered if my pain was making me into an angry person; this was by far my worst issue. Some days I’d have to sit in a wheelchair to go out with my spouse and others I hurt too much even to get off the couch. I felt useless. When I started taking Copaiba, friends were shocked to suddenly see me able to stay cheerily on my feet, clean, cook and sleep comfortably. Though it took about two weeks, the transformation in my health was rapid and unmistakable.


My Sleep Quality and Mental Clarity Skyrocketed

With the improvement of my sleep I found myself clear-headed and finally deeply rested instead of the long nights of pain. I also found myself craving fresh fruits and vegetables and laughing more. Within two weeks of starting Copaiba, I went from using a part time wheelchair to installing an 8′ cedar fence around my yard. Truly, I got my life back in a way no doctor had ever told me was possible.

My Marijuana Tolerance Dropped

Rather than resort to take opiate pain medication, I turned to medical marijuana to help with my pain and help me eat while fighting for my life, and as a result I was able to begin recovering. That said, regular marijuana use can get very expensive very quickly. As both cannabis and copaiba are the only two naturally occurring forms of CBD, they compliment each other tremendously. If I was consuming cannabis herb, I would simply put two drops on the top of the pack. If I used any kind of concentrate, I would simply mix a couple drops of the oil in and experience incredible results.


Reducing marijuana tolerance is especially important for chronic pain patients, as it causes issues with dosage and cost. With the added benefits of Copaiba oil, I did not need to seek out much medical marijuana to help me with extreme pain.

Depression Ceased to be a Daily Struggle

With the lessened pain, increased energy and deeper sleep, I began to climb out of the mental abyss caused by long term disability. I began to notice though that when I took my Copaiba softgels every morning and night, I didn’t experience mood swings or deep sadness like I had before. I understand this may be due to the CBD in the oil, and for more information click here.

My Overall Findings

I rely more heavily today on Copaiba and Frankincense than anything else, including medical marijuana. In fact I have found myself using less and less cannabis the longer I take Copaiba. I am able to work a full time job, care for my own home and yard and do what I love like I never imagined I’d ever do again. If you haven’t tried Copaiba and you have painful joints or long term pain, I highly recommend it!


I take a Copaiba Softgel in the morning and night and put a couple drops on cannabis whenever I consume it. If I have a particularly painful joint or nerve spot, I grab some famous Deep Blue Rub, add a couple drops of Copaiba and massage it in for immense relief.

There Wasn’t a Risk to Start

I was glad when I first ordered oils to see the 30 day satisfaction guarantee and it lets me say without reservation to try Copaiba and see what it does. Please be aware, demand is so high at this time that one bottle and one softgel container are limited per account per month. One bottle of Copaiba usually takes me at least a couple of months to use, and I consider myself to use it heavily.


After taking Copaiba for two weeks, I felt like a brand new person. From mostly crippled and on the couch and angry to running several business and doing everything I love again; TRY IT TODAY!

*Oils purchased through the links on this page directly benefit Timbali Crafts nonprofit.

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