The Timbali Project – Supporting the Unsung Bomake

There’s been some buzz in the air about something big happening in Swaziland – here’s the exciting news!

The Bomake are the unsung heroes in the Nation of Orphans

These are the Timbali women of Swaziland, Africa. Timbali means “flower” in SiSwati, and it’s a fitting name for the Timbali women. They’re beautiful, strong and joyful, but they live hard lives. Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate and lowest life expectancy in the world. Many of these women have lost husbands or loved ones and are left to care for their families themselves.

In spite of their own hardships, the Timbali women help to feed more than 3,000 orphans a day. Timbali crafts was started in 2005 to provide these women with support; they sew and the products are sold in the US. They now support more than 120 Swazi families; imagine the impact we will have together!

Timbali Crafts teaches the women so sew and provides them with a sewing matching of their own.

Then the women are paid a day’s wage for every bag they sew in their comfort of their home and time, allowing them to continue to care for more than 3,000 carepoint orphans. These women deserve so much more and they take great pride in their beautiful handiwork.

Timbali Crafts has an all-new line of DoTERRA oil bags and they made it into convention with Oil Life in late September! It was an amazing conversation to tell Marcia we would need all the bags the women can make. 

There’s more than buying bags and coming to celebrate with us that can be done to help support these Swazi women and families. 

Essential Oils Purchased for a Cause

Timbali Crafts now offers DoTERRA oils! Every Timbali product comes with an oil sample and a card containing information on how to order samples through Timbali Crafts. The samples and cards have all been funded by Share Success, Oil Life and Andy and Natalie Goddard, so all credit goes to them. Several local businesses have enrolled to sell the oils for Timbali Crafts as well and several essential oil advocates have signed on to bring more business to the Timbali Crafts.

With strong word of mouth, a few ideas and so much love for one people in one place, we change a lot of lives. Order your enrollment kit and read why DoTERRA’s bestselling products can change your life and benefit the families of Swaziland all at once.


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